Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Chapter 13 Part 2 – Chapter 15

Picking up this time partway through Chapter 13. Time for lots of information about the Chamber of Secrets’ history, not all of it true; some spiders; and Lockhart is terrible. Continue reading


Not all representation is good: Mr. Clean

Of all the things I thought I’d be doing today, writing a post about my feelings on Mr. Clean was not one of them. However, since the “Mr. Clean is asexual because he’s just so clean!” thing floating around Twitter won’t go away, here we go.

If you Google “Is Mr. Clean gay” Google helpfully tells you that “Mr. Clean is neither gay, straight nor bi, he is asexual because sex of any kind is just too dirty for him. His first love has always been cleaning. He can’t even bear to be seen in anything but clean, perfectly white clothes. So it has been his whole life.” Things have gotten silly enough that it is now taking this text (at least for me) from a Gizmodo article┬átalking about that being the text that Google pulls up when you search for this. Continue reading