Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver: Pseudo Live Tweet

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The Ace Book Club on Twitter and Tumblr has been reading this book. I meant to read it with them, but somehow committing to reading a book and starting grad school didn’t quite mix. So I’m going to start reading now, and see how things go.

This will be spoilery.

Start: February 3, 2017, 10:00 PM EST

If the title comes up a lot in this book, I’m going to have to learn how the spell chameleon.

Well, this is certainly starting off grim. “If you ever thought the law was on your side, let this open your eyes. We’re on our own now.”

Is Regan a dragon?

Maybe not, it seems like he’s cold blooded. I feel like dragons usually supply their own heat.

I’m unsure who are supposed to be the good guys here. I perhaps should have mentioned that I don’t know anything about this book except for the bits and pieces I’ve seen on Twitter.

So Regan can go invisible? Is he ace? Everyone knows we’re invisible anyways. 🙃

Oh, maybe he’s some kind of chameleon? Reptilian, can go mostly invisible?

Another invisible person?

I don’t like this Hans guy.

I also definitely don’t have a handle on the magic in this world and what it can do yet.

Regan’s thinking about breathing fire. Maybe actually a dragon? *hopes* 🐉

He wiped Regan’s memory? That’s really not ok.

I think I’m officially assigning Hans to the “bad guy” category now.

Well, this is at least a convenient way to give us some exposition.

Side note, I love the way the chapter titles are done.

The way it’s describing the ground reminds me of The Fifth Season.

Cell phones? I’m with Regan, I did not expect that.

This book could be harder to read than I expected. The amnesia plot is hitting some anxiety triggers. (I should really talk to a therapist about anxiety at some point. I keep putting that off.)

More amnesia?

I am so confused right now.

This book seems quite determined to reinforce the message that everything is going to be ok.

I like the metal animals. 🙂

Poor metal wolf.

End of Chapter 3: February 3, 2017, 11:59 PM EST 

Resume: February 4, 2017, 7:45 PM EST

Government quarantine. What’s being quarantined for?

This taxi ride is reminding me of a terrible one I took on the 401 from Toronto. It wasn’t as bad as this, but I was equally unsure if I was getting home in one piece.

“Defence protocol activated” is a remarkably ominous phrase.

I’m curious about Liam. There’s clearly a lot of history there, but the kids aren’t scared of him.

Just reading the description of the air makes me shudder. I’d never be able to breathe there.


Evelyn leaving because her family refused to accept she is trans. That explains a lot.

I somehow doubt that Liam has things as much under control as he says he does.

I do not like Hans.

I really don’t like mind control.

Very curious about how Regan and Zilch know each other.

Hans sounds awfully like Liam did with his planning.

Working theory. The quarantine is for the people who took Chysedrine, they chucked them all in a city and walled it off?

First problem with this theory. How do you round up a bunch of people with superpowers?

I feel like sending a kid with a taxi back to a place that is presumably being watched by people with guns is not a great plan.

Regan is demi?

Ok so looks like Regan is alloromantic ace.

And has invisibility powers, because of course aces are invisible.

I love this discussion on why labels matter.

A miracle drug with a side effect of death or superpowers. Was the entire city their clinical trial, or did they entirely skip testing?

Ah, so the similarity of plans between Liam and Hans isn’t a coincidence.

I don’t even know if I believe what Hans says about not being able to get back in his body.

I do not want to feel sympathy for Hans. I also still don’t trust that he isn’t lying.

Cassandra the seer. Do people believe what she sees?

And we have the first mention of the title.

I don’t know much about Zilch yet, but I feel better about this whole “sending a kid back to the house” plan since they’re there too. (edited to fix pronouns)

Or maybe this was just a terrible plan.

Having to force yourself to be happy all the time or you hurt people. That’s awful.

I’m really curious about this Chimera name. Is it a nickname?

What is Regan’s past? How does he know so much about this?

End of Chapter 10: February 4, 2017, 11:47 PM EST 

Resume: February 10, 2017, 8:27 PM EST

I do appreciate that there’s acknowledgement that getting shot is traumatic, both for Rose and for the people who care for her. She might be physically ok, but everyone needs to process.

Oh Finn. I don’t really know what to say, except that the emotional control he needed, and then what he’s experiencing now is so sad.

Zilch and Regan working for Eye in the Sky certainly explains how Regan knew the building so well.

Poor Zilch! I can see why they’re being so careful around Regan. It’s not fair on either of them, even without Hans’s threats.

So Rose saved Hans’s life, and Hans has revealed himself to her.

I’m suspecting Liam was the one who tried to kill him.

The conversation between Zilch and Regan. Zilch is being so careful not to their prior relationship with Regan show, but is still willing to help Regan get away with murder.

Speaking of the fire and smoke, I don’t think it’s been explained what is burning, or how a fire was lit and kept burning beneath a city.

“They were followed.” Just in case there wasn’t enough tension already. 🙃

What is significant about the moved chair in the office?

That wasn’t what I expected Garrett’s story to be. Or how he died.

No Regan. Rose getting shot was not your fault.

Wait, Regan’s getting his memories back? Or just a bit about Zilch?

Where is Regan going? Why now? What has he remembered?

Just when Regan remembered Zilch, he disappears on them.

Gabriel? Who’s Gabriel?

Seeing things through Regan’s eyes? So not only did Hans steal Regan’s memories, but he sorted through them and is handing them out to other people? Not cool.

Gabriel is the fire…

Garrett abandoned Hans? I don’t want to feel sorry for Hans.

And Hans is trying to manipulate them into killing the other abandoned kid. No longer feeling sorry for him.

I want to know what Rose knows.

So Hans is basically an abandoned teenaged boy with too much power who didn’t know how to ask for help?

What are Lisette and Wren up to? What does Jack know?

I’ve basically stopped commenting because I’m too busy reading.

To resume, how did Hans stick Zilch’s heart in Finn?

Also, is Hans dead? I’m very unclear if he got out of the house in time.

I’m glad the characters don’t understand what Regan’s doing either. I thought I was missing something.

So Hans is alive and possessing a metal wolf?

And Garrett is alive?

Ok, when’s the sequel coming out?

Completed: February 11, 2017, 12:03 PM EST


9 thoughts on “Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver: Pseudo Live Tweet

  1. I love this! Also, regarding the air: I asked RoAnna about what people with breathing troubles would do in Parole, and she said she couldn’t say much because she didn’t want to spoil anything, but there seems to be some kind of technology for that which will come up in later books/short stories!


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