Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Chapter 13 Part 2 – Chapter 15

Picking up this time partway through Chapter 13. Time for lots of information about the Chamber of Secrets’ history, not all of it true; some spiders; and Lockhart is terrible.

The only good thing about Valentine’s Day is chocolate.

I think I’ll wait until love potions come up again later in the series before tackling this in more depth.

Harry apparently soaks all his books in ink, but other than the discovery that the diary is clean, he doesn’t seem at all worried about the damage to his school supplies.

Once again Hogwarts seems to fail at the basics of education.

I feel like I’d be breaking some kind of rules if I didn’t get a Doctor Who quote in this somewhere.

Never educate wizards in the UK again seems like a bad emergency plan.

These children clearly do not have adequate supervision.



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